【Report】The1st Setouchi Photography School in Imabari

Rod Walters

Rod began taking photos with a Kodak camera in the UK in the 1970s. His photos were disappointing. After he came to Japan and got an iPhone, his photography improved a lot. Today, he uses a Fujifilm X-T1 and the latest iPhone. Rod’s photos appear in various magazines and occasionally win prizes in photo contests.

Cycle over the Kurushima Straits Bridge 8:30~

We’ll borrow bicycles and cycle over the Shimanami Kaidō to Ōshima. The Kurushima Straits Bridge is about 4.6 km long. It’s the world’s first 3-span suspension bridge, linking Shikoku to Ōshima and spanning the rapid current of the Kurushima Straits amid spectacular scenery.

Bus to Mt. Kirō observation platform 10:30~

Mt. Kirō stands 307.8 m above sea level. It’s designated as a Seto Inland Sea National Park. From the observation platform, you can see the Kurushima Straits with its suspension bridge and rapid currents, and on a clear day, Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest mountain in west Japan.

Seafood BBQ 12:00~

Lunch is at the Roadside Station right next the Kurushima Straits Bridge. It’s a fantastic view from here. The fresh seafood cooked on a charcoal brazier is second to none. Here you can buy locally produced fish and vegetables and at weekends, freshly fried jakoten fish patties.

Cruise the rapid tidal currents 13:00~

The rapid currents of the Kurushima Straits are one of the wonders of the natural world. We take a motorboat under the Kurushima Straits Bridge, around Kurushima, Oshima and Umashima, and into the shipyard of Hashihama. If we’re lucky, we might see ship launching. The ride lasts about 50 minutes. You can explore the attractions of Japan’s leading maritime city by boat.

Visit the dramatic Miyakubo quarry 14:30~

You can look down on the blue water of the Seto Inland Sea from the top of a cliff 260 metres above sea level. Below is the quarry. Due to its resemblance to the Grand Canyon, it’s been nicknamed the Shimanami Art Canyon.

Imabari Castle 16:00~

Imabari Castle was built by the master castle builder Tōdō Takatora in the Warring States period. It’s one of only three castles in Japan to have a moat of seawater. The castle walls are in their original state, and the keep was rebuilt in 1980. Takatora’s castles feature gateways that give the defenders an advantage like shooting fish in a barrel.

【News】The2nd Setouchi Photography School in Imabari

Please join us for the second course. Next time, we climb to the top of the Tatara Bridge! This is a great chance to enjoy some unusual sights. You can sign up today for the second course.

Tatara bridge main tower

Tatara Bridge on the Shimanami Kaidō is one of the largest cable-stayed bridges in the world. You can enjoy a dizzying view of the Seto Inland Sea and its islands.

One-man sumo

In this religious rite at Ōyamazumi Shrine, a sumo wrestler grapples with the invisible spirit of rice. This bizarre comical spectacle is an Intangible Folk-Cultural Property of Ehime.

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